Geriti is an American based company delivering consulting services in the GRC sector. The company was founded in 2016 as a branch of the Italian IT consulting company Telematica Informatica.                          

Geriti currently supports Corporations in the integration of their Nasdaq Bwise GRC system. The solution we implement allows to create, distribute, and manage policies and procedures, mitigate a wide range of risks, monitor compliance with regulatory requirements, plan and conduct audits, identify issues, and implement remedial actions. 

Through a systematic and federated approach, our support enables our clients to build more reliable and high-performance supply/ value chains, keep risks in check, address regulatory requirements in a timely manner, and create healthier, safer, and more environmentally compliant working environments.

“Our Mission is to Provide an alternative and innovative solution in an established and flat GRC Market”

The recent success with current clients such as FCA and Freddie Mac is based surely on the full rounded knowledge about the BWISE GRC platform but most of all by our ability to think outside of the box. Our technicians have experience with different GRC platforms as well as different types of customers and  markets. This, complemented by the fact that we are a third party enables us to setup solutions by the book as well as add extra customizations and have different approaches to our clients’ requests.

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